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36ONE is an asset management company with a + 15-year track record of exceptional performance. The firm was founded in 2004 by Cy Jacobs and Steven Liptz and has in excess of R30 billion in assets under management. 36ONE manages unit trusts, hedge funds and segregated mandates for a broad range of clients, which includes private clients, financial advisors and institutions (both local and international). Our investment approach is centred on the principle that the market does not efficiently price securities at all times. We therefore believe that stock selection through bottom-up fundamental analysis can outperform over time. With single-minded focus, the team continues to deliver outstanding performance and exceptional service. Despite rapid growth, 36ONE remains small enough to maintain its flexible and agile investment approach.

Clearance Capital

  • The Clearance Camino Fund invests in European real estate securities with a focus on the core Western European economies. The investment portfolio is diversified, and the Fund adheres to a conservative investment strategy, with a strict investment and risk management process. The fund offers an alternative to traditional bricks and mortar investing in Europe.
  • Clearance Capital is an investment management firm based in the City of London which seeks out the best opportunities in the European real estate capital markets based on their fundamental research findings. The team brings their experience in capital markets, real estate and investment management to bear on the investment approach to each portfolio.
  • This conventional long-only strategy allows investors the opportunity to harvest the returns generated by a portfolio of quality European real estate companies. This portfolio is geared to companies focused on the core European markets with good management teams with proven track records, sustainable capital structures and class leading operational efficiency.


Cogence is the first global discretionary fund manager in South Africa. It marries the expertise of Discovery, whose behaviour-change platform is the largest of its kind, and BlackRock, one of the world’s leading asset managers. Cogence then combines this with the local investment management expertise of RisCura, who intimately understands the local market within a global context. Using Aladdin Wealth™, BlackRock’s industry-leading investment and risk technology platform, and Vitality insights and data, Cogence is the world’s first discretionary fund manager that fully models retirement solutions, taking health experience into account. Now available on multiple platforms The Cogence investment solutions are available on the Discovery Invest, Ninety One, Glacier, and now Allan Gray platforms. To gain access to these solutions on the Ninety One, Glacier and Allan Gray platforms, email


Dominion is an international fund management group which specialises in identifying and investing in global trends. We have a simple goal: To create and manage a range of investment products, which are both highly effective, simple to understand and achieve great results for our investors. The result is a series of investment opportunities that you will feel instantly familiar with. You will understand the logic of the strategies. Dominion Global Trends funds are managed by a dynamic fund management team based in the City of London and the business is managed by an executive committee with a first class track record in Asset Management. Dominion Fund Management Limited (“DFML”). All rights reserved. All content provided on this website is governed by the Terms and Conditions. DFML recommends that you read the latest documentation available and seek professional investment advice if considering making an investment. DFML is licensed and regulated by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission.


Equilibrium Investment Management

As an independent discretionary fund manager (DFM), we enable you to do what really matters – spending more time with your clients and building your business. Our unique advice-led model portfolios are designed to be efficient and optimised through market cycles, so your clients stay invested and achieve their investment goals. Because partnering with you to enable your advice outcomes, is our business.

Foord Asset Management

Founded in 1981, Foord Asset Management is an independent and owner-managed boutique built on the principles of investment stewardship. A multi-decade track record of successful investing evidences our capacity to consistently deliver superior investment returns for a range of investment strategies. Our value proposition focuses on safety-first and risk-cognisant investment management. We construct diversified investment portfolios based on rigorous fundamental research, high conviction ideas and an adaptable, value-driven investment policy. We embrace market volatility as opportunity, not risk. In partnership with Foord Asset Management Singapore, Foord is one of the few South African asset managers to offer a globally integrated investment management service with a range of South African, worldwide and global investment strategies catered to most investment needs and risk budgets for investors in South Africa and abroad: For short-term investment horizons and conservative risk appetites: Foord Income, Foord Flex Income and Foord Conservative Funds For longer term savings needs in discretionary and retirement fund portfolios: Foord Balanced Fund and Foord Flexible Fund of Funds For specialist South African-only strategies: Foord Equity and Foord Bond Funds Globally: Foord International Fund for conservative investors and Foord Global Equity Fund for risk tolerant long-term investors

INN8 Invest

INN8 Invest is the centre of excellence for discretionary fund management (DFM) services within the Standard Bank Group. The business has a proud 20+ year track record with more than R560 billion under stewardship, which includes R112 billion worth of assets under management.   The STANLIB Multi-Manager model portfolio proposition for Group advisers, and third-party IFAs, was repositioned in March 2022 under a new brand, INN8 Invest. STANLIB Multi-Manager, a division of STANLIB Asset Management, houses the core investment team behind INN8 Invest. To ensure its independence from existing STANLIB Asset Management franchises, INN8 Invest operates under the STANLIB Wealth Management Ltd licence, which is shared with the Group’s investment platform, under the registered trademark INN8. Our value proposition stems from the fact that we are able to blend our portfolio construction and manager research capabilities across different asset classes and strategies to provide additional diversification to meet tailored client needs. Along with our unlimited investment scope, global intelligence network and our total impartiality, we ensure that our clients can take advantage of the right investment opportunities – no matter where and when they arise.


JTC is a publicly listed, global professional services business with deep expertise in fund, corporate and private client services. JTC’s fund solutions are driven by a partner-led approach. Our senior leadership team comprises of experienced professionals who take a proactive role in managing client relationships with clients, ensuring that solutions are delivered with the a high degree of excellence. We possess the capabilities to help clients navigate the complexities of the local financial landscape and provide tailor-made solutions to meet their requirements. JTC in South Africa benefits from being part of a global network, enabling us to provide international support and access to a wide range of solutions across multiple jurisdictions and third party networks. We are dedicated to providing solutions that streamline administrative processes, allowing our clients to focus on what truly matters, successfully growing their funds. At JTC, we offer a full suite of solutions in South Africa and support all fund types across multiple jurisdictions and asset classes. Our exposure to diverse investment opportunities, including commodities, mining, renewable energy, and technology, allows us to share valuable insights with our clients. We provide fund accounting, fund administration, transfer agency* and business process outsourced services to JTC Group companies as well as institutional clients in South Africa and abroad.     *Subject to ISAE3402 certification currently in progress to satisfy the delegation requirements of FSCA Conduct Standard 2 of 2020 (CIS)

Laurium Capital

Laurium Capital is an employee owned boutique asset manager with offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town and London. Founded in 2008, by Murray Winckler and Gavin Vorwerg, Laurium has grown to R50bn in assets under management and provides a suite of long-only and hedge fund strategies which invest in South Africa as well the as the rest of the African continent, and more recently launched a Global Active Equity Fund. Our team of 36 driven individuals strive to generate returns and service in excess of client expectations. We combine on-the-ground research with extensive local market knowledge to seek investment opportunities. Our skills in stock selection, combined with disciplined portfolio construction and risk management processes deliver superior risk adjusted returns over time. We manage a niche range of unit trusts across the risk spectrum, accessible on most LISPs. Our client base is well diversified across high net worth individuals, institutions and retail investors.

M&G Investments

M&G Investments is a global investment manager with a special focus on the South African and Namibian markets. Founded in 1994, we cater for both retail and institutional investors and manage over R323bn in assets (as of March 2022), making us one of SA’s top 10 largest investment managers. We are part of the global M&G plc group, which has stewardship over £367bn in assets (as of  March 2022) on behalf of over five million clients in 28 markets. Our group’s global reach, expertise, and deep resources give us the ability to make a truly meaningful, sustainable impact in Southern Africa and far beyond. We integrate ESG factors into our investment process, and are committed to transformation, having received a Level 1 B-BBEE rating. Our product range offer clients a unique combination of our core skills, local experience and global expertise:
  • Our equity portfolios are managed according to specific investment objectives or our clients’ bespoke requirements.
  • Our global funds are designed to provide SA clients with an optimised offshore investing solution.
  • Our multi-asset offerings take advantage of our expertise in both strategic and tactical asset allocation, with one of the most experienced asset allocation teams worldwide.

Martello Asset Management

Martello Asset Management is a Jersey-based discretionary asset manager specialising in focused, global equity portfolios and funds. We are regulated as an Investment and Fund Services business by the Jersey Financial Services Commission and authorised as a Financial Services Provider in South Africa by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority. Our global equity strategy is available as a Guernsey-domiciled offshore fund and the rand-denominated BCI Martello Global Equity Feeder Fund. Our experienced management team have more than 100 years of collective industry experience – decades in which the world and investment landscape have transformed and continue to evolve. We provide portfolio and fund management based on in-house, proprietary research developed over the past twenty years but remain disciplined and relevant for the current investment environment. Our core aim is to deliver consistent, repeatable returns through a high-conviction approach to investing. We also aim to be pragmatic thinkers – believing that a different outcome requires another starting point, and for us, that starting point is independent thought. We think differently when selecting and managing investments, guided by experience, observation and applying a rules-based approach.

Matrix Fund Managers

Matrix Fund Managers is an owner-managed, diversified asset manager. We take an agile approach to active investing that benefits from our independent thinking and unconstrained style. Our core purpose is to deliver consistent returns and high quality service for our institutional and retail clients. Founded in 2006, we rebranded as Matrix Fund Managers in 2014, managing both hedge funds and traditional long only portfolios. Our key capabilities span across fixed income, equity and multi-asset portfolios in South Africa.Our absolute return mind-set pursues excellent performance within appropriate risk limits.
  • Well established SA Hedge Fund presence with R 5 billion (Jan 2023) assets under management.
  • Fast growing long-only offering with R 20 billion (Jan 2023) of SA Multi- Asset, Fixed Income and Equity assets under management.
  • Appointed by Amplify Investment Partners as the exclusive manager of two multi-asset unit trust portfolios.
  • Strong team with over 300 years of combined market experience.
  • Regulated by the South African Financial Sector Conduct Authority as an authorised Financial Services Provider with a Category I, II and IIA license (FSP 44663).
Matrix Fund Managers are a Level 1 B-BBEE Contributor in terms of the Financial Sector Charter, committed to making a positive impact through ongoing transformation in our management, employment, procurement, and socio-economic development practices.

Old Mutual Investment Group

At Old Mutual Investment Group, we offer local and global investment strategies. Our experienced team navigates markets with precision, offering clients a reliable approach to capitalise on opportunities in any investment environment. Our commitment to investment excellence, responsible investing, and transformation is what sets us apart. We forge lasting partnerships with our clients by understanding their unique investment objectives and tailoring strategies for long-term success. We offer clients access to effective investments aligned with their goals, whether it is wealth preservation, capital growth, or risk management. Old Mutual Investment Group is a credible African black-owned manager, where local insight meets global proficiency.

Peregrine Capital

Peregrine Capital is South Africa’s longest-running hedge fund manager. Peregrine Capital has created exceptional wealth for its clients since its inception in 1998. The company currently manages just over R15bn of investor assets through its two local flagship hedge fund strategies, which are open to institutional and retail clients. Their Peregrine Capital High Growth H4 QI Hedge Fund (High Growth Fund) is the first fund in South Africa to achieve 100X an investor’s initial investment, so a million rand invested in the fund in February 2000 is worth more than R100 million now. Their Peregrine Capital Pure Hedge H4 QI Hedge Fund (Pure Hedge Fund) has never had a negative year since its inception in July 1998.


PortfolioMetrix, founded in 2010, pioneers the intersection between Institutional-level Asset Management and Discretionary Fund Management (DFM).
  • We have developed innovative techniques in asset allocation, portfolio construction, and specialised implementation, leading to market-leading investment outcomes. Our precision-engineered portfolios reliably meet expectations.
  • In the DFM space, we prioritise solutions over products and favour strategic partnerships with advisers and institutional investors, allowing advisers to flexibly customise portfolios on a scalable basis.
  • Through our proprietary technology, advisers can enhance effectiveness, business efficiency, and client outcomes.
  • With over sixty-five employees in offices in London, Dublin, Johannesburg, and Cape Town, PortfolioMetrix has quickly expanded internationally and won numerous awards for investment outcomes, best DFM, best technology, best client service, and best risk profiling service.

PPS Investments

PPS Investments is a subsidiary of PPS, a holistic financial services company specialising in bespoke financial solutions exclusively to graduate professionals. At PPS Investments, we offer a suite of flexible investment solutions for pre-retirement, post-retirement and wealth creation.

Prescient Investment Management

Prescient Investment Management (PIM) is a leading systematic investment manager that relies on a data-rich investment process to provide clients with certainty in an uncertain world. Founded in September 1998, PIM has delivered superior risk-adjusted returns across its broad range of mandates for more than two decades, making it one of South Africa’s leading specialist investment management firms. Overseen by a diverse and skilled team of investment professionals, PIM’s investment solutions combine the best of human decision making with quantitative investing that is free of human bias and emotions. PIM’s investment approach has evolved over time, incorporating exciting innovations in data science and financial markets, but remains true to the original vision and philosophy of the founders. PIM specialises in portfolio and risk management, managing money on behalf of retirement funds, medical aid schemes, corporate entities, trusts, and individuals. Its investment solutions range from unit trusts and retirement fund portfolios invested in all the listed asset classes through to infrastructure and clean energy debt funds. Prescient Investment Management (Pty) Ltd is an authorised financial services provider (FSP 612).


Rezco is a boutique active asset manager. Our purpose is to help our clients achieve financial well-being by creating wealth through risk-adjusted returns. Rezco started in 1984 managing private clients’ portfolios and, over 30 years later, has grown into a strong multi-award-winning asset management fund. Our funds employ active strategies that cover multi-asset classes and equities. Our independent thinking gives us the agility we need to react quickly according to market activity. Rezco’s decades-long track record of achieving market-beating returns for our clients is made possible by a strong culture of debate, cutting-edge investment technology, and a passionate team of experienced individuals.

Sasfin Asset Managers

Since its founding in 2002, Sasfin Asset Managers has garnered a reputation as one of South Africa’s leading boutique Asset Managers. Our diverse offering has grown to incorporate a range of equity, income and multi-asset class funds designed to suit the needs of our discerning retail and institutional client base. Our investment team includes some of South Africa’s most highly-regarded Fund Managers, several of whom have managed large-scale institutional money for decades. This ability to attract top talent has also ensured that the meticulous research produced by our in-house team, coupled by close partnerships with leading global research houses, is always of the highest calibre.


At Schroders South Africa, we focus entirely on providing offshore investment solutions to local intermediaries and institutions across a diversified range of investment strategies. We have 22 FSCA-approved offshore funds available to South African investors, which are available on a number of platforms. Our relationship with ABSA asset management also gives investors access to our strategies through a number of onshore ZAR feeder funds and our Schroder European Real Estate Investment Trust is listed on the JSE. Schroders South Africa is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Schroders plc, a global asset manager with over two centuries’ experience and *£726.1 billion in assets under management. We are determined to build future prosperity for our clients, and for all of society. As a global business that’s managed locally, our clients’ needs are at the heart of everything we do. *AUM as at 30th June 2023


Sentio integrates bottom-up fundamental research with in-depth quantitative risk management. Our disciplined and detailed investment process is underpinned by a scientific valuation methodology and combines human knowledge and experience with machine learning and artificial intelligence. Our investment philosophy is based on the premise that financial markets are inherently inefficient, which means asset prices often do not reflect intrinsic values. Through a combination of human analysis and technological intelligence, we seek to identify these incorrectly valued and mispriced opportunities. We are global, multi-asset, style-agnostic investors that look for these opportunities across markets, asset classes, and the style spectrum, investing wherever we find good value. Effective risk management is also central to our philosophy. To this end, we implement a robust, proprietary-built quantitative risk management framework to help us achieve optimal and sustainable risk-adjusted returns regardless of market conditions. Sentio’s globally competitive investment team is made up of 5 portfolio managers, who are supported by 6 research analysts and a trader. Further support, in the form of operational and business development capabilities, are provided by an experienced business team comprising 7 individuals. Together, the investment team has more than 182 years of investment experience and an impressive track record that has been tested by some of the most challenging markets in history. Deeply entrenched in our investment philosophy is a steadfast commitment not only to grow our clients’ money in the most responsible way possible but also to transforming the asset management industry. Our diverse team comprises talented and skilful individuals whose values and ethics align with our corporate culture and those of our investors.


Stonehage Fleming

Our Global Equity Management teams actively manage a number of discretionary, long-only equity funds. These funds employ a bottom-up approach to stock selection, aiming for long-term capital growth. Our flagship fund, the Global Best Ideas Equity Fund (GBI), is a concentrated portfolio of best-in-class global companies. Each of these companies possesses a well-established and sustainable competitive edge, acquired at an attractive valuation. Our equity teams operate from key locations in London, Zurich, and South Africa
  • Our other equity funds follow the same investment philosophy and investment strategy.
    • The Stonehage Fleming Worldwide Flexible Prescient Fund mirrors 80% of our GBI fund, with 20% allocated to our best ideas listed in South Africa.
    • The Stonehage Fleming Equity Prescient Fund exclusively targets our top South Africa listed businesses.
“Our investment philosophy focuses on identifying and investing in best-in-class businesses for their quality, strategic competitive edge and value. We believe that by building a portfolio of such businesses, we can achieve a consistently favourable return on investment over time” – Gerrit Smit

SwissOne Capital

Founded six years ago, SwissOne Capital embarked on a mission to redefine crypto investments, blending the esteemed principles of Swiss Asset Management with innovation. Our primary objectives were twofold: to pioneer a new era of premium crypto investment funds and to design products that are both accessible and secure, setting the bar for excellence in the industry. Through a fusion of traditional asset management acumen and cutting-edge blockchain technology expertise, we have forged a unique path in the financial landscape.
  • Today, we stand as the longest-standing independent crypto asset manager in Switzerland, a distinction earned since 2018. Endowed with regulatory approval and licensing from FINMA (CH) and the FCA (UK), we operate with the utmost integrity and accountability.
  • Our team, composed of seasoned professionals from diverse backgrounds in investment banking, hedge fund strategies, derivatives trading, and capital markets, forms the bedrock of our success.We take pride in our commitment to transparency, security, and innovation, ensuring that our clients have peace of mind while navigating the complexities of the digital asset space. By combining our deep-rooted expertise with forward-thinking strategies, we empower investors to participate in the transformative potential of blockchain and cryptocurrency markets.
At SwissOne Capital, we continue to push boundaries, delivering on our promise to provide investment solutions that are not only easy to understand and access but also uphold the highest standards of security and reliability. Our journey is one of continuous evolution, driven by a passion for excellence and a dedication to shaping the future of finance.


Sygnia is a JSE-listed financial services group that offers asset management and investment administration services, as well as a wide range of savings and investment products, to South African retail and institutional investors. Investment administration is also offered to institutional clients in the USA and the United Kingdom. Sygnia managed and administered R295.3 billion in assets as at 31 March 2022. All the assets are administered on Sygnia’s proprietary investment administration platform and are unitised on a daily basis. The operations of the Sygnia group of companies (“the Group”) date back to 2003, when certain subsidiary companies formed part of the African Harvest group of companies. Sygnia was launched in 2006 through a management buy-out by the then-CEO of African Harvest, Magda Wierzycka, and her executive management team. Until 2015, Sygnia was privately owned by the existing executives and founders. Sygnia Limited listed on the main board of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in 2015 and on the A2X exchange in 2018. The company remains majority-owned by its management and staff, including Sygnia’s broad-based BEE staff scheme. The company has provided asset management and investment administration services to South African retirement fund clients since 2006 and to international clients (retirement funds, endowments and multi-managers) since 2007. Today Sygnia is the second largest multi-management company in South Africa, one of the two largest passive managers in South Africa and the largest provider of ETFs in the country. It manages and administers assets on behalf of over 1 500 institutional investors and 39 919 retail investors, and its umbrella fund has over 45 000 members. The company employs over 300 staff members and has offices in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and London.


TBI offers alternative solutions uncorrelated to conventional investment. Our core expertise is asset management with an income generative and conservative to cautious fund focus.  “Retailising” alternative assets not usually attainable to retail investors.
  • Recognising the need for improved after-tax return on discretionary cash TBI, in partnership with Sanlam, offer tax efficient alternatives.
  • The Sanlam Alternative Income Fund (SAIF) and Sanlam Diversified Income Fund of Funds (SDIFOF) are designed to provide suitable investors with enhanced after-tax performance over traditional cash funds, without compromising on risk or liquidity.
  • The funds achieve this by producing mainly dividend (and in the case of SDIFOF, dividend and capital growth) returns, which is significantly more tax efficient than interest.
  • As a domestic Fund of Funds manager, TBI faced challenges in achieving a meaningful diversity of our investments into international rated investment grade credits without taking currency risk. The team solved this through the establishment of the TBI Global Multi-Asset Income Fund, an Irish UCITS under Prescient ICAV, providing global exposure via the option of either USD or ZAR Hedge classes.
  • The TBI Global Multi-Asset Income Fund is an Absolute Return fund, applying an income focused investment style whilst targeting a cautious risk profile.
  • Diversifying into global high-quality credit and aiming to preserve investor capital.

Truffle Asset Management

Truffle Asset Management is an independent active asset manager with a highly experienced team of professional individuals, personally committed to ensuring our clients achieve their long-term financial objectives. Our investment capabilities span equity, flexible, fixed income and multi-asset mandates, and our focused range of unit trust funds targets different investment objectives with exposure to varying levels of risk. Truffle’s investment team follows a fundamental valuation-based philosophy and disciplined investment process. This is coupled with a rigorous risk management approach and a strong focus on downside risk protection. We believe it’s not only about picking winners, but also about avoiding the losers. As an agile investment manager, we complement this investment approach with efficient implementation and competitive fees.
  • Why invest with us?
  • The individual, long-term experience of our team helps us make well-informed, sound investment decisions.
  • We have a proven track record of sustainable and persistent superior investment performance.
  • We are an independent, owner managed asset manager and personally committed to our clients’ success through co-investment.
  • Our open and dynamic structure allows us to implement decisions efficiently and effectively to take advantage of investment opportunities as they arise.