Living annuity calculator

This calculator lets the user test how long their retirement savings invested in a living annuity will support the income they want in retirement.

This is a great tool to test different income drawdown levels in retirement and to demonstrate how capital can or cannot support the income expected.

Tax deductible retirement fund contributions

Given income and current contributions to retirement funds, this calculator works out the rand value of the additional tax deductible contributions you can make to your retirement savings in any tax year.

Budget planner

A downloadable spreadsheet that will prompt middle-income users to think about all the items they need in a budget.

Categories include insurance, saving, household expenses, needs and wants.

The downloadable spreadsheet can be shared and adapted as required.

Debt repayment calculator

This calculator works out when you will repay any loan you have taken out given the repayment you are currently making and the current interest rate. It works out the total interest you will pay.

The user then has an option to increase the repayment by any amount and see what a difference this makes to how quickly the loan can be repaid and what the interest saving will be.

Saving goal calculator

This calculator works out how much you need to save each month in order to reach a target amount by your chosen target date.

The calculator provides the most recent 10- and 20-year average returns to December for ASISA multi-asset unit trust funds in the high equity and low equity sub-categories as a guide on what returns can be expected.

How much will my savings grow

This calculator works out how much you will save after putting away a certain amount for a set period of time and earning a return that compounds monthly. You can also see what a difference a return that is two percentage points higher or lower will make to your outcome.

Fund classification tool

This tool allows you to determine the ASISA fund category investment limits for any South African unit trust fund or category of funds.

Financial health check

This simple quiz tests how well you are doing in number of different personal financial areas. It gives a score and then suggests relevant reading material from the Smart About Money website.

Currency converter

Introducing a user-friendly currency converter, designed to be the ultimate companion for seamless currency exchange transactions. Clients can instantly convert currencies with accuracy and ease, empowering them to navigate global markets effortlessly. The currency converter ensures precise conversions, enhancing convenience and optimising financial decisions.