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Est: 2014

THINK.CAPITAL is a boutique asset manager and has provided clients with alternative investment solutions since 2014.  The THINK strategy is supported by the principal’s track record of 17 years in analysing and combining hedge funds, and has demonstrated its potential by generating award-winning returns. They strive to impart an appreciation for hedge funds as an alternative source of investment returns through education, skilled risk management, and growth of invested capital.

Unlike the typical fund of hedge funds’ approach, our strategy does not seek to provide absolute returns all of the time, but rather allows some contained downside to enable greater upside participation. The desired risk profile is achieved by adjusting some of the best South African hedge fund mandates by tilting risk exposure towards factors with the highest probability of long-term success, thus not sacrificing long-term gains to avoid moderate short-term loss.





Hedge Funds Explained

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