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Est: 2007

Laurium Capital is an independently owned asset manager. Started by Murray Winckler and Gavin Vorwerg, who remain the majority shareholders and portfolio managers across all funds.
The team has grown, boasting highly experienced investment professionals and a skilled operations team. The business has a diversified asset base, with both hedge and long-only funds in South Africa and the rest of Africa. The client base is also well diversified across high net worth individuals, institutions and retail investors.

General Equity, Balanced, Flexible, Long Short Hedge, Market Neutral Hedge.

Introduction to the manager and the firm

Tools to create a hedge fund strategy

How the funds differ and how to access them

To listen to a podcast of the full interview with Murray Winckler – Laurium Capital, click here.

Introduction to the COO and firm

Describe the Regulatory Environment (for Hedge Funds)

How one can invest in a hedge fund

To listen to a podcast of the full interview with Mark Preston – Laurium Capital, click here.

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